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    Plantacor’s access to multiple compounds comes from multiple collaborative academic relationships.  To date, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other funding institutions have provided over $9M in grants to the researchers to create these compounds.  After evaluating multiple compounds, Plantacor selected particular candidates for advanced studies and preclinical development.  Each of the selected compounds is formulated in a stable delivery system designed by Plantacor, and supported by in-house bio-analytical methods developed to successfully identify and measure the selected compound during preclinical testing. 


    Spinning off from this work, we have established a "technology platform" for delivery of difficult to solubilize small-molecule compounds.  The formulations include oral, intraperitoneal (for testing in animals), and other parenteral administration modalities.  In addition, we have confirmed that our compounds have up to fivefold less toxicity compared to conventional anticancer drugs.  As a test of adaptability for our formulation science, we have demonstrated increased delivery of a generic compound in blood plasma at 30x concentration levels over previously reported studies.  We are confident that this formulation platform will be a valuable asset to the Company for future development efforts.

    Efficacy testing demonstrates that CDIM 9, our lead compound, has confirmed invivo activity for arresting tumor growth in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells- the test model for "Basal-like" breast cancer. This breast cancer sub-type is very aggressive and typically targets young, pre-menopausal women and has no currently approved targeted therapy available.  We are finalizing our preclinical development and plan to file an IND and enter human clinical trials.